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LFS is a licensed child-placing agency that will walk with you on your journey as you determine the right time to seek a reunion with your birth family or child.

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Lutheran Family Service is committed to supporting adoption at all stages. When genetic and adopting family members wish to reunite, we are here to walk with them on that journey.

Lutheran Family Service’s Search & Reunion services are provided for families whose adoptions were handled through Lutheran Family Service originally. If you are not sure which agency was used in your adoption, please contact us as we will check our records and see if we can help.

Contact us to learn about the process and cost of adoption search and reunion.

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Thoughts Behind a Biological Family Reunion from Different Perspectives
by Kim Laube

Biological Family Reunions Lutheran Family Service offers post adoption services to adult adoptees and biological relatives of adopted persons that includes the possibility of reuniting.  There can be many considerations to take into account before pursuing a reunion. From an Adopted Person’s Perspective – For many adopted persons, having the opportunity to get to know […]

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