Marriage Counseling

There’s nothing in life quite as wonderful—and challenging—as marriage. It is the union of two very different people who have come to believe that their lives would be incomplete without the other. As the years go by, it is not unusual for problems to arise—even in the best of marriages. Healthy marriage relationships require constant attention and effort. It is very easy for marriages to lose their way, and it is often difficult to get them back on track. And sometimes, it can seem impossible to do so when you don’t know where to turn.

Lutheran Family Service provides help for struggling couples. Our counselors approach marriage counseling with a sense of hope. We believe that things can get better and that you can have the marriage you desire, even though you may be tempted to believe this is not possible. LFS marriage counselors are available to help couples throughout Iowa. Marriage counseling is a service of LFS but it is not necessary to be Lutheran or even Christian to use our services.

Explore this link to find helpful resources for restoring your marriage.

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Please consider contacting an LFS counselor to begin the road back to a happy marriage.

We have a stronger relationship as a couple and are better friends. We also understand ourselves as individuals better.

- Steve & Jill