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Lutheran Family Service is a fully licensed child-placing agency that provides a wide-range of adoption services including domestic infant adoption, international adoption, embryo adoption, down syndrome adoption, and search and reunion assistance. We are here to walk with you on the journey of deciding the best option for you and your family.

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Creating Family Through Adoption

For nearly 120 years, Lutheran Family Service has been a leader in Iowa adoption services, matching thousands of children with their forever families. We are now able to offer the same trusted and expert services to North and Central Illinois and Eastern Nebraska!

Lutheran Family Service offers a Domestic Infant Adoption Program and Down Syndrome Adoption Program as well as services related to International Adoption and Embryo Adoption. We also provide services to birth families and adoptees previously matched through LFS who want to reunite through search and reunion assistance.

The Lutheran Family Service adoption program is built on our belief that every human life—no matter how it was conceived—is precious in the eyes of God. Every child has the right to grow in families where their emotional, developmental, spiritual and physical needs will be adequately met.

The process requires planning and preparation, but Lutheran Family Service will always be available to walk with you on that journey as you create a family through adoption. Lutheran Family Service will travel anywhere in the state of Iowa, North and Central Illinois (2.5 hr radius of East Moline), and Eastern Nebraska (3 hr radius of Omaha) to provide adoption services.

Adoption is a unique, lifelong experience for adopting parents, adopted children and birth parents. It requires ongoing education, reflection and participation, and we’ll walk with you every step of the way. Because of this, Lutheran Family Service provides adoption help to both adoptive parents and birth parents.

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The state of Illinois requires certain information be available on the website for adoptive parents residing in Illinois. Please click to view and/or download the following: Illinois Adoptive Parents Rights and Responsibilities, Policy & PracticesLicensing Standards for Child Welfare Agencies, Annual Report, and the Adoption Inquiry Packet (which includes a description of adoption services provided, general eligibility criteria, fees and registration form). The Lutheran Family Service Illinois license number is: 568556. The state of Illinois maintains a complaint registry which you can access by calling 1-800-252-2873.

You helped us become a family. Thanks for everything. You are so wonderful at what you do– kind, compassionate, ethical and honest. Thank you for your strength and support during these crazy and beautiful times.

- Jason & Sarah