Embryo Adoptions

Lutheran Family Service is committed to supporting life at all ages, including embryos! Embryos are created through a process called in vitro fertilization (IVF). During IVF, multiple embryos are created and only a few are implanted immediately. The other remaining embryos are frozen. Sometimes genetic parents are able to thaw and implant all of their remaining embryos over time, but not always. It is estimated that one million embryos are frozen in the United States today. Many of the genetic parents of frozen embryos are seeking life-affirming options such as adoption for their remaining embryos.

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Check out our in-depth FAQ page to learn more about Embryo Adoption. The Lutheran Family Service team is here to support you with expertise, answers, and assistance in your journey.

Embryo Adoption FAQs

What to Expect

Lutheran Family Service prepares families through home study and education to receive embryos from genetic couples who wish to donate them. Those embryos would then be implanted in the womb of a rescue couple and be born to them, with all the rights as a child born to them traditionally.

The process of embryo adoption, also known as embryo rescue, is a legal transfer of property from the genetic family to the rescue family. Genetic couples receive no monetary compensation for the donation of the embryos. Lutheran Family Service is a partner agency for Snowflakes Embryo Adoption Program, offered through Nightlight Christian Adoptions.

To learn more information about embryo adoption, we recommend you complete an inquiry form with Nightlight’s Snowflake Adoption, listing Lutheran Family Service as your referral, here.  Please also click here to receive a packet of information from LFS.

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You helped us become a family. Thanks for everything. You are so wonderful at what you do– kind, compassionate, ethical and honest. Thank you for your strength and support during these crazy and beautiful times.

- Jason & Sarah

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