International Adoptions

Lutheran Family Service is committed to finding stable Christian homes for children in foreign orphanages who need families. We provide adopting families with the education and home study necessary to pursue international adoption placement.

Additionally, Lutheran Family Service provides the post-adoption services required in international adoption. We work in partnership with international placing agencies who offer placement of a child through international adoption.


What to Expect

Applicants must meet the requirements of their State Code regarding adoptions as well as Lutheran Family Service’s following requirements:

  • Male/female couple, married at least 3 years
  • Active members in a Christian congregation
  • Good mental, emotional and physical health

The country of origin of the adopted child will have requirements of their own including age, income, number of children in the family, and travel expectations. Careful research regarding the country of origin requirements should be sought prior to beginning a home study with Lutheran Family Service.

Lutheran Family Service is happy to provide referrals to international placing agencies with whom we have worked to successfully bring orphans from around the world to their new homes.

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LFS is a licensed child-placing agency that is here to help. Contact us now to request a packet of information you will need to begin the process of building your family through adoption.

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You helped us become a family. Thanks for everything. You are so wonderful at what you do– kind, compassionate, ethical and honest. Thank you for your strength and support during these crazy and beautiful times.

- Jason & Sarah

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