Healthy Marriages

Lutheran Family Service believes that healthy marriages create resilient families who in turn produce strong communities.

LFS is passionate about healthy marriage. To support and strengthen marriage, we provide group marriage enrichment seminars and retreats at various times and locations throughout the year. While our Marriage Counseling services are available privately for married couples experiencing conflict, our marriage enrichment events are public and designed for married couples of all ages and stages, from newlyweds to empty nesters preparing for retirement. Marriage enrichment seminars and retreats are unique opportunities to have fun while strengthening your marriage and learning new ways to navigate the challenges and changes that come with a lifelong marriage commitment.

We also coordinate the Marital First Responders program, which empowers community members to help their neighbors, coworkers, friends and family members through rough spots in marriage. In an effort to build and sustain healthy marriages in Iowa, LFS offers this training to show people how to respond in ways that support the marriages of those who come to them for advice during difficult times. These training sessions are simple and helpful in creating supportive communities in which marriages can thrive.

Interested in bringing a marriage enrichment seminar, retreat or a marital first responder training to your congregation or community? Contact LFS today.

You helped us strengthen our marriage. We had a good time at the retreat, got lots of really helpful information and enjoyed meeting the other couples. Thank you!

- Steve & Jill

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