That one word conveys different meanings for each of us. For some, we immediately thought of drugs, alcohol, or cigarettes. Others perhaps recalled their own personal struggles, or had immediate thoughts of a parent, sibling, or a close friend who battles with an addiction. The faces of addiction are ourselves, family, friends, neighbors, those sitting in the church pews on Sundays, and those preaching from the pulpit. You cannot look at someone and know what their personal demons are any more than you can discern their blood type.

While the faces of addiction have not drastically changed over the years, the types of addiction have. In the past we commonly referred to four types of addiction: drugs, alcohol, gambling and sex. A changing society, and definition of addiction has brought about different types. We can now include these in our addiction list: pornography, shopping, food, exercise, gaming, internet, social networking, cosmetic surgery, smoking, prescription drug abuse, and risky behaviors, such as driving a motorcycle 100mph. Anything that alters our brain chemistry, as the aforementioned things do, can become addictive, and lead us down a path we never imagined being on.

Because of the changes in society, Lutheran Family Service, along with select and interested pastors, began investigating the damaging effects of pornography addiction over a year ago. As a result of our research, ‘The 8th Day’ Restoring Church Workers from Pornography Use & Addiction, was developed. While this remains a focus of LFS, we are broadening 8th Day to include various types of addiction, such as those previously mentioned.

AS a reminder, LFS is available to you or someone you know who is struggling with addiction. We look forward to beginning the journey of healing with you and your family.

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