Meet Mick Wolfram! He is Director of Congregational Services for Lutheran Family Service.

Rev. Mick Wolfram, Mdiv., travels to connect with and provide services to our LCMS congregations to equip congregations, individuals and communities with Christ-centered, life-changing tools, resources, and hope to meet the challenges they are facing.

“I enjoy seeing and hearing how we have made a difference in people’s lives. Almost everywhere I go someone comes up to me with a smile on their face thanking me for the difference that a Lutheran Family Service counselor has made in their life. It is a warm feeling to see the joy they express as they share their story with me. It is also encouraging to see the interest shown in our various presentations and how attitudes are changed or reaffirmed. We are making a positive difference in people’s lives from the preborn to the aged, and it is good to see them enjoying the blessings that God has given to them.”

Mick brings to the Lutheran Family Service ministry team a wealth of experience through his service as a pastor since 1977.

“I genuinely appreciate the Christ centered attitudes of everyone on our staff. This is a faith-based organization that is uncompromising in its commitment to remaining faithful to the Word of God in all aspects of its counseling and services. Everyone on staff is not only a Christian but is dedicated to serving Him in all that we do.”

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