Do you have elderly people in your church, nursing homes, and community that need someone to StepUp and care for them?

It’s easy to miss what we can’t see. Across the United States, there are hundreds of thousands of “invisible elderly” living among us. Why can’t we see them? They are tucked away behind walls at home and in senior care communities and even at our church. They are lonely, forgotten, and in some type of need.

Who best to reach out and StepUp (Serve Together our Elders with Passion) than the church!

3 Ways to StepUp and Serve the Elderly

1. Awareness

Look, ask and seek out elderly people that are not okay. Who in your church pews goes home to an empty house and could use companionship? Who in your community has an unruly yard and could use help with upkeep or can no longer drive to the grocery store and could use a home delivered meal? Who in your local senior care community has no family to come visit them or provide them with basic things like clothing and shoes. Keep a list of “who” and their “needs” as you talk with your pastor, congregation, neighbors, co-workers, local nursing home staff, friends and family.

2. Educate

You’re now armed with some really important information. Start to involve others in your congregation by inviting them to learn about the elderly living right next door, sitting in the front church pew, and living in the local senior care community. Tell their stories to your youth group, to your bible study, to your Pastor and to your congregation. Help them see that there is no one better to reach out than with the loving arms of Jesus with a meal, with a visit, with a ride to church or the doctor, with a delivery of new pajamas or a birthday present.

3. Activate

After awareness and education comes activation. Enlist the help of those in your church, young and old and in-between, to put a plan in place to StepUp and serve. Help families “adopt an elder” living in a senior care community or in your church. Create a schedule for individuals to make and deliver a meal or provide transportation to medical appointments, church or the grocery store. Gather a group to tackle house or yard upkeep.

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“Do not cast me off in the time of old age; forsake me not when my strength is spent.” Psalm 71:9

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