Meet Mollie! She is one of the faith-filled professionals on the Lutheran Family Service ministry team!

Mollie Clark serves as the Director of Marketing and helps to connect people in need with the services that Lutheran Family Service has to offer.

“If someone is having a crisis pregnancy, trouble in their life or marriage, or looking to provide a Christian home for a baby boy or girl through adoption, my goal is for them to be able to find us in that time of need so that we can be the light of Jesus to them and help them through whatever journey or challenge they are facing.”

“With so much anti-Christian messaging in this world, we get to be a positive, Christian voice in our culture through digital, social and other media reaching millions each year.”

Mollie has been a part of the Lutheran Family Service ministry for over two years and has over seventeen years of marketing experience.

When asked why she chose to work for Lutheran Family Service, she shared, “I wanted a meaningful career where I could make an ‘eternal’ difference in someone’s life. It’s one thing to help a company be successful, but it’s an entirely different thing to help people experience the love of Jesus. Living out your faith where you work is truly a blessing.”

“All the people that are a part of the Lutheran Family Service ministry are simply fantastic. We have fun, we work hard, and we are there for others in need just as the Lord is there for us.”

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