On February 24, 2020, God spoke to me despite all the “noise” of the approaching pandemic. What an amazing God, and what an important message he was sending! On that day, I met a married couple who were determined to respond to God’s calling even though the path to get there was not clear to them.

Grant and Sarah sat in my office explaining how they desired to adopt a baby with Down Syndrome because they were well equipped to do so, having parented Cheyenne, their oldest daughter who has Down Syndrome. Though I have known for years the world’s desire to “cure” Down Syndrome through abortion, I had not considered how I might be able to impact the situation until this amazing couple talked to me about God’s plan.

That conversation was the seed that started a new program at Lutheran Family Service – The Down Syndrome Adoption program! It’s funny how the OBSTACLES are always very clear, but the path to success is hidden from us. That is the very definition of faith, and we knew we had to move forward to make this program a reality.

The Down Syndrome Adoption program is simple. Lutheran Family Service will do as much as possible (charging no fees for our work) for two families a year to adopt a child with Down Syndrome; rescuing them from a likely death by abortion. Over 70 percent of babies diagnosed with Down Syndrome in the womb will be aborted. We want all women to know that your baby is wanted – even if they have been diagnosed with Down Syndrome!

There were still many unknowns when the Board of Directors at Lutheran Family Service approved the development of the Down Syndrome Adoption program. For instance, when you consider the population, the number of children with this diagnosis is small. With so many being aborted, would we be successful in locating an infant with Down Syndrome in need of adoptive parents? It seemed as if the odds were stacked against us; however, with such a high abortion rate, these little girls and boys need us to be their voice for life. And, even if we could help convince only one woman or couple to choose life by placing their baby with Down Syndrome for adoption instead of aborting them, then it is most certainly worth the effort.

Since the launch of the Down Syndrome Adoption program in 2021, Lutheran Family Service has sent mailings and resources to hundreds of OBGYN’s and crisis pregnancy resource centers in our service areas to inform them of our program. We want these professionals to tell the women they serve that their baby is wanted by a family ready to love a baby with a Down Syndrome diagnosis. They don’t have to abort and can create a loving adoption plan giving their baby life. We have also made connections with the National Down Syndrome Association. And, we have prayed!

In December 2021, God answered our prayers. The couple in my office, Grant and Sara, who were looking for a path to adopt a baby with Down Syndrome were blessed by Grace. Amazing little Grace was born and placed for adoption with Grant and Sarah! She is the first baby in the program to be placed, and how we have rejoiced! Grace was welcomed with so much joy by Grant and Sara and their five children; most especially by big sister Cheyenne who also has Down Syndrome.

Big sister, Cheyenne, holding baby Grace.

Please join us in praying for all children with Down Syndrome to be valued, loved and cherished, just as they should be. Pray that through Lutheran Family Service’s Down Syndrome Adoption program, more babies with a Down Syndrome diagnosis are saved and placed with loving, Christian families equipped and ready to love and parent a child with Down Syndrome. We also ask you to prayerfully consider supporting the Down Syndrome Adoption program with a financial gift. This program, and saving babies with Down Syndrome from a likely death, is only made possible from donations by people like you that care about saving all of God’s precious little children – including those with Down Syndrome!

Give today in support of the Down Syndrome Adoption program at: https://lutheranfamilyservice.networkforgood.com/projects/154979-support-down-syndrome-adoption

Kim Laube
Director of Life Ministries
Lutheran Family Service

Watch this amazing video about Grant and Sara’s journey leading them to pursue the adoption of a baby with Down Syndrome.

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