Meet Halen!

This curly-haired beauty is overwhelmingly loved by her adoptive parents and big sister. Her adoptive parents got the privilege to be present for her birth and didn’t leave her side until they took her home from the hospital ten days later.

Today, Halen is thriving in her new family. This family had such a great experience they have asked to join the adoption program again, once Halen is a little older. Lutheran Family Service is honored to have been a part of Halen’s story and looks forward to working with her family again in the future!

As a supporter of Lutheran Family Service adoption ministry, please continue praying for those in an unplanned pregnancy and are scared. Thank you for your financial support so our workers can continue to walk along the side of birthmothers in all situations and help her as she made the decision that was best for her and her child. Your support and prayers made this possible.


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