Embryos are Life with Potential…not potential life!

When you think about adoption, often international adoption or domestic infant adoption come to mind. At Lutheran Family Service, we’re involved with a third type of adoption as well. Embryo Adoption (embryo rescue) is the process of adopting frozen embryos that were created through In Vitro Fertilization by couples experiencing difficulty with conception. In Vitro Fertilization is the process in which a woman’s egg is fertilized outside of her body.

These little girl and boy embryos are created in a petri dish; conception has occurred. These itty bitty boys and girls are known and loved by God. Jesus died for these little ones just like He died for you and I.

Some of these embryos will have the chance to be born through being implanted in the mother’s womb. But, other embryos will be frozen. Sometimes a family decides they have completed building their family, and there are still some remaining embryos left in frozen storage for an indefinite amount of time.

Did you know that these embryos are often available for adoption?  Embryos are LIFE WITH POTENTIAL – not potential life!

1,000,000+ children in frozen storage

As of 2011, there were more than 600,000 embryos accounted for in a frozen state.  Fast forward to today, this number is now estimated at one million. While we don’t judge or promote IVF, we do find it to be very important to help these little boys and girls have a chance to be born through embryo adoption!

Kim Laube Director of Life Ministries at Lutheran Family Service speaks on the topic of embryo adoption in-depth. Click here to listen and learn more about embryo adoption in Kim’s informative interview with World Lutheran News Digest as she explores embryo adoption in depth with host Kip Allen.

Or, you can learn more about embryo adoption on our website HERE.

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