Lutheran Family Service has recently expanded Pregnancy Counseling and Adoption Services to include Central and Northern Illinois.

Kari Smith, Adoption Caseworker, will serve this area of Illinois by providing adoption opportunities for couples in the area as well as serve women who want to explore the idea of adoption placement for their unborn child. The Lutheran Family Service physical office is in East Moline, IL and all areas within a 2.5 hour radius will be served.

“Lutheran Family Service is now duly licensed, meaning we can provide child placing services in all of Iowa and now Northern/Central Illinois too” Laube, Director of Life Ministries said. “We have been working towards this license for the better part of three years, so finally having the opportunity to serve Illinois is a real blessing.”

Couples in the area wishing to adopt can begin the process on our website at where they can download a packet of information about our various adoption programs including domestic infant, international, and embryo adoption.

Pregnant women needing assistance can also begin at our website at or by calling 1-877-510-2229.  Lutheran Family Service will come to your area or will provide transportation for you. Services for women include assistance in discerning what is right for them; parenting or adoption, setting up health care, and finding services within a community. If adoption becomes a part of the discussion, LFS has families waiting to adopt, and can provide full adoption services completely free to pregnant women.

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