“I thank my God in all my remembrance of you.” Philippians 1:3

Think of a person who has made a positive impact on your life. It could be a grandparent, pastor, parent, neighbor, or friend. Maybe he or she walked with you through a difficult season of your life. Perhaps he or she was a steady constant in the midst of change and confusion. Or maybe he or she provided a listening ear when life seemed to become so difficult. What has he or she said or done that you will forever cherish? Though you may never be able to repay this person for the gratitude you have in your heart, you could extend your thankfulness in a distinct way.

Honorarium and memorial donations provide an opportunity of giving thanks for another person’s influence on your life by positively impacting others through a donation. Financial support given to Lutheran Family Service furthers our professional mental health counseling, pregnancy counseling, adoption services and family life education. Many of the services provided are at reduced costs, based on how much the family can afford. Some services, like pregnancy counseling are provided at no cost to support young women in choosing life.

Individuals, families, congregations, and small groups have the opportunity to further our reach of helping those in need. Though you may never meet those impacted by a gift given to Lutheran Family Service, through counseling and outreach ministries, lives are being changed for the better.

The mission statement of Lutheran Family Service echoes the very heart of who we are: We walk with people who are experiencing hard times and are there for them just as God has been there for us.

Gifts can be given online at: https://lutheranfamilyservice.networkforgood.com/projects/66506-support-lfs

Simply choose the option of “honor” or “memorial.” Lutheran Family Service and those benefiting from their impact thank you for your loving heart and generosity!

Brittany Skinner, Ministry Support Assistant at Lutheran Family Service

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