Baby Vinny had been residing at the hospital with no visitors for over a month; his mom and dad had not made contact in the 40 days since his birth in February 2022. A University of Iowa hospital social worker knew Vinny needed a loving family and knew who to call to find him one – Lutheran Family Service.

Born prematurely at 33 weeks and weighing three pounds 10 ounces, Vinny’s medical needs required a move to a larger hospital, which was not local to his mother. Because of her circumstances – she already had other children and could not even go visit Vinny, let alone care for him properly – Vinny’s birth mother decided to place him for adoption.

Lutheran Family Service contacted potential adoptive families, not sugarcoating the difficulty of Vinny’s uncertain prognosis:

The biggest thing for you to consider is this – Would you be willing to adopt this baby boy knowing that he may never walk, and he will likely be unable to care for himself independently as an adult? 

Two out of five families responded affirmatively – not knowing exactly what the future would bring, but that they wanted to follow God’s plan for their lives. Taking into account a variety of factors, Lutheran Family Service determined that Thomas and Lisa Wilson were the most suitable placement.

Thomas is a Director of Christian Education at Zion Lutheran Church in Humboldt who has also served elsewhere in Iowa, and Lisa is active in the LWML. Countless prayers were offered across the Iowa Lutheran community during the 896 days that this widely-known couple waited for a child. While Vinny would remain in the hospital for several more weeks after meeting his new parents in late April, his days of no visitors were over!

As Thomas recounts, “A year ago it was just the two of us. We did not know what God had planned for us. However, God’s plan was awesome! It took some time, but our hearts have been full with love for such a sweet gift from God. Vinny is our true blessing from God.”

Lutheran Family Service is blessed to have been God’s instrument in bringing Vinny to his forever family and the waters of Holy Baptism. Such a role was possible because of the relationships we are developing with OB/GYN offices and hospital social workers throughout our service areas. Because when those key healthcare personnel witness firsthand the compassion and skills of LFS staff, it solidifies who they call the next time they have a mother or child in need.

For over 120 years, Lutheran Family Service has been a trusted leader in adoption services, matching thousands of children with their forever families. Lutheran Family Service offers a Domestic Infant Adoption Program and Down Syndrome Adoption Program as well as services related to International Adoption and Embryo Adoption. Contact Lutheran Family Service for information and support. To talk by phone or to schedule a confidential appointment, call us at 515-251-4900 or email [email protected]

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