Many expecting mothers who want to place their baby for adoption think that they are responsible for finding willing, adoptive parents. However, this is not the case. And for expecting women that do take on this task, the process is typically very stressful.

In order to legally adopt a child, a couple must have an approved, pre-adoption investigation. Often when women begin looking for potential adoptive parents on her own, the well-meaning couple she finds does not have all the information they need to make such a monumental decision. They may tell her yes; they are willing to raise her child, but they likely do not know the entire process involved in legal adoption.

Pre-adoption investigations (assessments of adoptive couples making them eligible for adoption) take time and must be done by an agency in most states. In Iowa, they can be completed by a certified adoption investigator. The investigation includes educating the couple about adoption and its life-long implications. The process of education and assessment takes several weeks; five to six in cases where everyone is moving quickly.

Legal adoption also has expenses and risks that are likely not known by the couple; especially with newborn placements. Before they agree to adopt, couples need to have a full understanding of this information.

With the help of a fully-licensed adoption agency, all of the above and more are taken care of so that the expecting woman can focus on her health and well being while creating a loving, adoption plan for her baby without the burden of finding the perfect couple all on her own.

Adoption agencies rarely have trouble locating couples who are legally ready and lovingly waiting to adopt. Typically, there will be several parent options available to expecting women who are served through agencies. The agency can help pregnant women get to know their own opinions and preferences first, about ideal parents’ characteristics through discussion. Then, when she is ready, profile books are shown to her of potential adoptive parents. She can continue on by meeting them face-to-face if she desires, with the help of agency staff, to help make that final decision of who she chooses to be her baby’s adoptive parents.

If you are thinking of placing your child for adoption, please know that organizations and agencies like Lutheran Family Service are ready and waiting to help you on your adoption journey. You are not alone or on your own to find parents for your child. There are many couples, who are already approved and know all the risks and expenses involved, who would be thrilled for the opportunity to become parents and love your baby girl or boy. They have planned on adoption and are reading and willing to walk that journey with you.

Kim Laube – Director of Life Ministries for Lutheran Family Service

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