“I was so sure adoption was the right decision, but now I am filled with doubt…”

It is completely normal to experience doubts in the midst of making a decision; especially life changing decisions like placing a child for adoption during an unexpected pregnancy.

Experiencing doubt can be an immense burden for one person to bare on their own and is exactly why Lutheran Family Service provides Pregnancy Counseling services to women facing unplanned pregnancy. Women may feel isolated, depressed, and overwhelmed with the choices that lay before them without someone to talk to and discern together. It is important for you to know that doubts can be a healthy part of the decision-making process and they should be expected.

Pregnancy Counselors at Lutheran Family Service are there to help you discover if being a parent is the right path or perhaps placing for adoption is your best choice. You will find your counselor to be a neutral party in discussing the futures for you and your baby. Your Pregnancy Counselor will help you get through your doubts and fears by equipping you with the right resource in your community, or just listening to you share and work through your fears and concerns.

As you face your unplanned pregnancy, there are many factors for you to consider, and it is important for you to know that you are not alone throughout those decisions. No matter what you are considering, or how far into the process you are, you can discuss your doubts with your Lutheran Family Service Pregnancy Counselor. You will find understanding and truth that is pressure free and non judgmental.

As with any decision, making a knee jerk reaction is not in your best interest. Taking time to discern the facts and determine the right path at this moment is important.

Whether you are 6 weeks pregnant or just delivered your newborn, your Lutheran Family Service counselor is a safe person to discuss your doubts, fears, hopes and dreams with. Working together, we will help you find the right path.

Reach out today by texting “PregnancyHelp” to the number 844-764-2029, emailing info@LutheranFamilyService.org, or calling 877-510-2229.

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