As a Christ-centered ministry, Lutheran Family Service continues to provide life-affirming pregnancy support to girls and young women facing crisis pregnancies. We help them sort through the challenges, which you can imagine, are many. We support them along their entire journey of pregnancy up until and after giving birth, for as long as they need us.

This service and support is provided at absolutely no cost to these young women because of our incredible supporters who are faithful in giving; who care. Because of you, young women choose life.

Reaching these young women with life-affirming information, support, options and help can be challenging amidst the pro-death culture that these women face. Can you help us by doing this one simple thing?

If you live in Iowa, Eastern Nebraska, or within a 2.5 hour radius of East Moline, IL, please download, print and hang up as many of these pregnancy-help posters as you are able in public places, like gas stations or malls, and women’s restrooms anywhere that you are able to get permission to do so. Because of our limited funding resources and personnel, we are unable to travel to and assist young women in other areas.

CrisisPregnancyTearAwayPoster - Oct 2019-01

Not yet a supporter? Become one today! Because of your support, young women will choose life!


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