They tucked it away in the last section of an AP article in the January 13 edition of the Marshalltown Times Republican.  The article previewed some of the expected legislative issues to come up as a new session begins.  Tucked away near the end of the last section entitled Social Issues we read, “Senate Republicans are expected to propose a constitutional amendment reversing the ruling [The Iowa Supreme Court ruling that the Iowa Constitution guarantees the right to abortion] to say there is no right to an abortion in Iowa.”

Interestingly, Animal Abuse received its own heading!  When it comes to protecting human life, the abuse of unborn children gets tucked away.

Life-affirming Christians need to “untuck” this critical constitutional amendment. It does not belong under Social Issues.  It belongs as a front-page headline, “Biblical Truth Issues.”  Biblical truth proclaims that God creates every human life (Psalm 139:13-14).  Biblical truth proclaims that Jesus died for every human life (Romans 6:10).  Biblical truth proclaims that God’s Holy Spirit desires to call every human life into an eternal relationship with God (1 Timothy 2:4).  Biblical truth proclaims that we defend, protect, and speak up for all life especially the vulnerable and those who cannot speak for themselves. (Proverbs 31:8-9).

Here is why this Biblical truth issue needs to be “untucked” and kept on the “front page” in our congregations not just once, but consistently for the next three or four years.  Constitutional amendments need to be approved by two General Assemblies.  Therefore, it needs to be passed this year which is the second session of the 88th General Assembly. Then it will need to be passed in the first session of the 89th general assembly which begins in January 2021.  After that it must be approved by a vote of the people.

What can we do to protect the precious gift of life?

  • Firmly and kindly share your views with your state representatives and senators – be a voice for life
  • Share your views with your state representatives and senators again!
  • Encourage other like-minded people to do the same
  • Keep this Biblical truth issue in the “headlines” of your prayers, church bulletins, newsletters, emails, tweets, and Facebook posts.
  • Don’t allow it to be tucked away and hidden by the presidential politics of the 2020 election. We must identify and vote for life-affirming state representatives and senators.

If we fail to keep this Biblical truth issue in our “headlines,” we may someday see a headline that reads, “Women Stream to Iowa for Unrestricted Abortions.” Rather let us keep this issue “untucked” and have as our goal a God-pleasing headline, “The People of Iowa Have Spoken – No Right to Abortion in Constitution.”

Lutheran Family Service is here to help.

And as always, pray pray and pray some more. Pray for our life advocacy workers, for our legislators and government workers, and for the people of Iowa to stand up and defend the value of life in all stages, ages and conditions.

Rev. Dr. Jim Lamb – Life Advocate for Lutheran Family Service

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