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Protect Life Amendment – Failure is Not an Option!

The Protect Life Amendment, drafted, polled, and expertly scrutinized following a rouge Iowa judge’s decision to declare a right to abortion was “found” within our Iowa Constitution, is in eminent danger of dying in the Iowa House of Representatives. Your actions now will make the difference.

The Iowa House, Senate and Governor office are under a conservative (presumably pro-life) majority, which makes this circumstance unexplainable and most certainly unacceptable. The failure of leadership to gain the votes necessary for the passage of a constitutional amendment that would right the ship, is shocking.

The Iowa Senate passed the Protect Life Amendment in February; the Governor has supported the amendment since the opening days of the legislative session in January and has not wavered in her encouragement to pass it; the House of Representatives managed to get the amendment through committee but has not brought it to the full floor for debate. Why? Because they do not have the 51 votes necessary to pass it. Keep in mind that there are 53 members of the Iowa House of Representatives who have pledged themselves to Life as one of their first legislative priorities in their platform. Click here to review the platform statements regarding life.

Please contact your Representative today as well as Speaker of the House, Representative Pat Grassley. Send a message that failure to act on the Protect Life Amendment in the 2020 session is not acceptable! 

The Protect Life Amendment, if passed by two General Assemblies, will ultimately leave it to the people to determine what the Iowa Constitution says about abortion – not a single unelected judge! We the People must be heard, and our Representatives must hear from you today!

  1. Click HERE to find contact information for your Representatives.
  2. Click HERE for Representatives Grassley’s contact information.

Join us in sending emails right away. Your voice DOES make a difference, and right now, we need to be a united voice for LIFE!

In Christ,

Rev. Max Phillips

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