On Monday, February 6, the Iowa State Capitol was filled with prayer and faithful Iowans as citizens, clergy and government workers gathered together in support of life at the 2023 Iowa Prayer Rally for Life! Speakers, including Governor Kim Reynolds, reported on the progress made thus far, and recognized the journey still to come.

Governor Kim Reynolds speaks about how despite the odds, real progress is being made. And, recognizes the hard work and prayer needed to make Iowa a state where life in all ages, stages, abilities and conditions is valued and protected.

Rev. Dr. Jim Lamb, Life Advocate for Lutheran Family Service, was a featured speaker declaring 2023 a “Year of Jubilee.” The fiftieth year was a grand year for God’s people Israel. It was a year of jubilee, and trumpets heralded liberty from various debts. January 2023 marked the 50th anniversary of the Roe v. Wade decision. Thanks be to God the Supreme Court overturned that ruling in June of 2022. During his speech, Rev. Lamb sounded the trumpet for all to hear.

“On the Day of Atonement you shall sound the trumpet throughout all your land.  And you shall consecrate the fiftieth year, and proclaim liberty throughout the land to all its inhabitants. It shall be a jubilee for you, when each of you shall return to his property and each of you shall return to his clan.”  Leviticus 25:9-10

The annual Iowa Prayer Rally for Life is organized by the Iowa Coalition of Prolife Leaders; Lutheran Family Service a founding member. The goal? To work together to make Iowa a state where life in all ages, stages, abilities and conditions is valued and protected. This happens both through prayer, and countless hours spent by Lutheran Family Service, and other life advocates, to stop the killing of children before they are born and halt the legalization of physicians assisting people in killing themselves before natural death.

Rev. Dr. Jim Lamb put into perspective the progress made and declared the year 2023 the “Year of Jubilee.” Dr. Lamb also reframed the word “abortion” to “killing children before they are born.” A truth we must put out there at every opportunity.

To all who were able to gather in person for the Iowa Prayer Rally for Life – we are grateful. Your presence made an impact. To those that gathered in prayer from afar – we thank you. Keep your prayers coming. In talking with attendees, it was encouraging to hear that so many are connected with and supporting pro-life pregnancy resource centers, Christian adoption agencies and unplanned pregnancy outreach efforts. Helping women facing unplanned pregnancy is something we must continue to make a priority.

What can you do to take action and be a voice for LIFE?

  1. Download and print our Many Hearts Unplanned Pregnancy Support tear-away poster. Hang around the community in restrooms and high-traffic public places.
  2. Find out where your closest Pregnancy Resource Center is located and get involved.
  3. Vote for life-affirming legislators to be our elected officials, and pray for life-affirming action in our legislature.
  4. Contact those who represent you, and let them know your views on killing children before they are born.
  5. Have Lutheran Family Service come and help educate your congregation on God’s truth for life issues.
  6. Support the Life Advocacy work of Lutheran Family Service so that we may continue to equip others and stand up to defend the value of life through countless hours and efforts at the Iowa State Capitol.

We at Lutheran Family Service, together with you, the Church, and pro-life citizens of Iowa must continue to speak up, show up, and pray up. Because that little girl in her mother’s womb has no voice. She is more than a “choice.” She’s a baby!

Save children from being killed by abortion. Give today to support critical life advocacy efforts in Iowa!

Lutheran Family Service Deputy Director, Kim Laube, visits with attendees about the latest legislative updates on critical life issues we face here in Iowa and what the journey may look like ahead.
Lutheran Family Service Director of Marketing, Mollie Clark, works to inform Iowa citizens and congregations how they can reach and support women facing unplanned pregnancy.
Iowa Prayer Rally for Life attendees gather in the Iowa State Capitol Rotunda.
Iowa Attorney General, Brenna Bird, has been called upon to defend the Heartbeat law in Iowa that is currently in the hands of the Iowa Supreme Court which could save over 4,000 babies each year from being killed through abortion. Please join us in praying for her efforts to defend this law.
It’s important for children to attend the Iowa Prayer Rally for Life because they are a visual and meaningful example of who we are working so hard to protect. In the photo is Augustine Payne, Executive Director for Dubuque County Right to Life, along with wife Molly and (adorable) son Max.
Immediately before the Iowa Prayer Rally for Life, over 50 attendees learned the basics of lobbying, including how to meet with legislators, what to say, and how to encourage and pray for them regarding important life issues.
Rev. Dr. Jim Lamb, Lutheran Family Service Life Advocate, and Kim Laube, Deputy Director of Lutheran Family Service, pose for a photo with Iowa Governor, Kim Reynolds.

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